HR 75 is best for treating carbuncles.


HR 75 Masood is best for treating carbuncles.

Indicated in pimples and boils due to infections.
Effective for eczema especially of hands and feet.
Used for pustular eruptions due to metabolic disorders.
Also helpful in dry, rough and scaly skin.
Presentation: Bottle of 20 ml.

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Dosage: 40 drops every 2-3 hours with fresh water under acute conditions. Less frequently when improvement starts i.e. 3 times a day.

Note: Consult your Homoeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Side Effects: No side effects are known.

Contraindications: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor during pregnancy and lactation.

Interaction: No interaction with other products are Known.

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A carbuncle is a red, swollen, and painful cluster of boils that are connected to each other under the skin.

A boil (or furuncle) is an infection of a hair follicle that has a small collection of pus (called an abscess) under the skin.

Usually single, a carbuncle is most likely to occur on a hairy area of the body such as the back or nape of the neck. But a carbuncle also can develop in other areas of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, groin, and armpits.


A carbuncle usually develops when Staphylococcus aureus bacteria enter hair follicles. These bacteria are also referred to as “staph.” Scrapes and other broken skin make it easy for bacteria to enter body and cause an infection. This can result in boils or carbuncles (a cluster of boils) filled with fluid and pus.


Signs and symptoms of a carbuncle usually include:

A painful, red bump that starts out about the size of a pea
Red, swollen skin around the bump
An increase in the size of the bump over a few days as it fills with pus (can sometimes reach the size of a baseball)
Development of a yellow-white tip that eventually ruptures and allows the pus to drain out

Homeopathy is proven lightly effective in all the school of medicines for skin diseases. Masood’s HR 75 is a valuable remedy for pemiphigus, allergy, eczema, ringworm, prutitis, psoriasis, herpes, scabies, prickly heat, abscess, carbuncles and many other skin diseases.


HR 75 has antibiotic properties due to the presence of berberis Aq and Berberis vulgaris. It effects on a abscess or multiple boil in the skin, typically infected with staphylococcus bacteria. Due to presence of highly active compound berberine which has the ability to intercalate with DNA. The intercalation in combination with the inhibition of protein biosynthesis is the major mechanism for cytotoxic effects. Moreover HR 75 brings about the aggregation of DNA and induction of apoptosis and displays antibacterial, and antitumor activity.

HR 75 inhibits topoisomerase I and II, with the main alkaloids (berberine, iatrorrhizine, palmatine, columbarine) effective in the tropical treatment of psoriasis and carbuncles. HR 75 has also immunological activity of alkamides. Echinacea purpurea contains alkamides, cichroic acid, and polysaccharides respectively, which is used to treat immune system and common cold in adults. The high molecular weight polysaccharide heteroxylan has potential to activate phagocytosis. Other polysaccharide arabinogalactan induces the release of tumour necrosis factor (TNF) that increases the level of macrohpage interlekin-1 and interferon beta-2. Alkylamide and chicoric acid glycosides also stimulate phagocytosis. HR 75 has antibacterial or antiviral activity through the immune system modulation, thus indirectly it acts on infection.


Each 1ml contains:

Berberis Aq 1D 20% v/v
Barberis vulg 1D 10% v/v
Echinacea Ang 1D 10% v/v
Hepar Sulph 6D 20% v/v
Hydrastis Can 1D 40% v/v
With excipients q.s.

Formula with properties:

Berberis Aq 1D: Skin; Pimply, dry, rough, scaly. Eruption on scalp extending to face and neck. Psoriasis. Acne. Dry eczema. Acne in youth.

Barberis vulg 1D: Flat warts. Itching, burning and smarting; worse, scratching; better, cold applications. Small pustules over whole body. Eczema of anus and hands. Circumscribed pigmentation.

Echinacea Ang 1D: Recurring boils. Carbuncles. Irritations from insect bites. Gangrene.

Hepar Sulph 6D: boils, glandular effusion. Apophysis or cyst. Acne in youth. Suppurate with prickly pain. Easily bleed. Putrid ulcers, surrounded by little pimples.

Hydrastis Can 1D: Eruption like variola. Lupus; ulcers, cancerous formations. General tendency to profuse perspiration and unhealthy skin.

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