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Dr. Reckeweg R67 Heart Circulatory Debility Drops



Acute circulatory disturbances, circulatory shock, cardiogenic shock following cardiac failure, circulatory disturbances following infectious diseases and injuries. Chronic circulatory disturbances with tendency to syncope, vertigo and sensation of imbalance.

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All remedies improve the circulation and strengthen the heart.

Ammonium carbonicum: Weak rapid pulse with perspiration and fear of death.

Acidum hydrocyanicum: Cardiogenic shock with icy cold perspiration and impending respiratory arrest. Syncope and sudden collapse.

Carbo vegetabilis: Burning in chest as from glowing coals together with debility and palpitations. Shortness of breath, anxiety. An analeptic in circulatory collapse together with cold sweat, pallor and cyanosis. Almost imperceptible pulse.

Crotalus Cascavella: Cardiac insufficiencies with tendency to shock particularly due to bacterial toxins. Circulatory disturbances of post infective genesis.

Tabacum: Almost imperceptible pulse with pallor in the face, cold sweat and nausea.

Veratrum: Total circulatory shock, cold sweat, imperceptible pulse, cold blue hands, fainting on rising (orthostatic)

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– In acute circulatory shock repeat ¼ to ½ hourly. If necessary give every 5 minutes 10-15 drops with or without water

– Once improvement commences repeat the remedy less frequently

– In chronic circulatory disturbances give 10 to 15 drops in water 3 times daily before meals over a variable period of time.


– In acute myocardial infarction give without delay the following three remedies: R67, R55, R2

– Alternate the 3 remedies every 5-10 minutes to begin with depending on severity of case. Thereafter slowly increase the intervals between administration of the alternating remedies to ½ to 1 to 2 hourly

– As patient improves and there is no further shock give R3 and alternate with R2 in order to prevent permanent damage to the myocardium. In circulatory disturbances during menopause give R10

– In hypotonic cases alternate R67 with R44

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