HR 48 Masood (CHOLESTIN)


HR 48 is an effective homoeopathic medicine for controlling high cholesterol levels.


HR 48 Masood is an effective homoeopathic medicine for controlling high cholesterol levels.

Indicated in the inflammation of the liver and gall bladder.
Effective in dissolving gall bladder stones.
HR 48 best homoeopathic medicine for high triglycerides.
Helpful in resolving digestive problems due to liver insufficiency.
HR 48 Maintains the normal cholesterol level in the body.
It also protects the heart arteries from the coagulation of triglycerides.
Presentation: Bottle of 20 ml.

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Dosage: 20-25 drops 3-4 times a day with fresh water.

Note: Consult your Homoeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Side Effects: No side effects are known.

Contraindications: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor during pregnancy and lactation.

Interaction: No interaction with other products are Known.

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Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all the body cells, body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and substances that helps in the digestion of food. Cholesterol is also found in foods from animal sources, such as egg yolks, meat, and cheese.

Cholesterol level when high in blood, it can combine with other substances in the blood to form plaque. Plaque sticks to the walls of arteries. This buildup of plaque is known as atherosclerosis. It can lead to coronary artery disease, where coronary arteries become narrow or even blocked.

Cholesterol is carried in the blood by lipoproteins. The main types of lipoproteins are high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein. It is sometimes called “good” cholesterol because it carries cholesterol from other parts of body back to liver. Liver then removes the cholesterol from body.

LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein. It is sometimes called “bad” cholesterol because a high LDL level leads to the buildup of plaque in arteries.


The most common cause of high cholesterol is an unhealthy lifestyle. This can include

Unhealthy eating habits, such as eating lots of bad fats. One type, saturated fat, is found in some meats, dairy products, chocolate, baked goods, and deep-fried and processed foods. Another type, trans fat, is in some fried and processed foods. Eating these fats can raise LDL (bad) cholesterol.
Lack of physical activity, with lots of sitting and little exercise. This lowers HDL (good) cholesterol.
Smoking, which lowers HDL cholesterol, especially in women. It also raises LDL cholesterol.
Heredity. High blood cholesterol can run in families.
A high level of cholesterol can increase risk for conditions that do have symptoms, including angina (chest pain caused by heart disease), high blood pressure, stroke, and other circulatory ailments.


Cholesterol is a lipid which is produced in liver. Cholesterol is vital for normal body functions. Taking too much fats, sedentary lifestyle, overweight and smoking are main causes of high cholesterol level. There may be the following dangers of high cholesterol level Atherosclerosis, Heart diseases risk, Angina, and Stroke. Masood’s HR 48 minimizes the high cholesterol bad effects and balances the cholesterol level


HR 48 contains Allium Sativum in which Garlic has a measurable amount of germanium (a mineral that strengthens the immune system) and is excellent in healing of wounds. It contains sulphur containing compound allin, which is converted to active ingredient ‘allicin’ in air oxidation, This compound has an inhibitory effect upon the key enzymes involved in cholesterol biosynthesis, such as HMG-CoA reductase. HR 48 exerts Hypocholesterolemic effect by decrease in hepatic cholesterogenesis, where as the triacylglycerol lowering effect appears to be due to inhibition of fatty acid synthesis, by mallic enzymes, fatty acid synthatase, and glucose-6- phosphate dehydrogenase. HR 48 helps to prevent lipid implantation on the arterial wall.

HR 48 inhibits lipid synthesis both in normal and atherosclerotic cells HR 48 may act by increasing the excretion of cholesterol end products and by affecting it’s synthesis in the liver. HR 48 also made the LDL significantly resistant to oxidation, it may be one of the powerful mechanism accounted for the benefits in atherosclerosis. It also prevents fall of HDL, which is nonatherogenic and transfers cholesterol from the periphery to the liver. HR 48 contains sulphur compounds of garlic like s-allylcysteine, sethylcysteine, and s-propylcystein inhibited the cholesterol synthesis significantly. HR 48 exhibit anticoagulant (anti-thrombotic), antioxidant, antibiotic, hypocholesterolaemic, hypoglycaemic,as well as hypotensive activities.


Each 1ml contains:

Allium Sativa 1D 40% v/v
Camellia Sinensis 1D 20% v/v
Curcuma Longa 1D 20% v/v
Cynara Scolymus 1D 20% v/v
With excipients q.s.

Formula with properties:

Allium Sativa 1D: lowers the cholesterol level.

Camellia Sinensis 1D: helpful in improving liver functions. Also normalizes the cholesterol level.

Curcuma Longa 1D: plays important role in lowering the cholesterol. Also prevents accumulation of blood cells in arteries.

Cynara Scolymus 1D: according to a research in british journal this remedy lowers the cholesterol and normalizes weight.

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