HR 4 Masood – (RHENICINE)


Masood’s HR NO. 4 is an effective homeopathic medicine for catarrh, sinusitis and its related problems.


HR 4 Masood – (RHENICINE) is an effective homeopathic medicine for catarrh, sinusitis and its related problems.

Effective in runny nose, sneezing and sinusitis.
Good in catarrh of Upper Respiratory Tract.
Helpful in nasal wounds.
Acts well in dust allergy.
Also useful in Hemoptysis.
Presentation: Bottle of 20ml.

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Dosage: 15-20 Drops, with fresh water every hour under acute conditions. Less frequently when improvement starts i.e. 3 times a day.

Note: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Side effects: Not side effects are known.

Contraindications: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor during pregnancy and lactation.

Interactions: No interaction with other products.

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Rhinitis is a condition that typically involves nasal obstruction, runny nose, post-nasal drip, itchy nose, and sneezing. Rhinitis may be acute (short-lived) or chronic (long-standing). Acute rhinitis commonly results from viral infections but may also be a result of allergies, bacteria, or other causes. Chronic rhinitis usually occurs with chronic sinusitis (chronic rhinosinusitis).

Symptoms of rhinitis may include:

Stuffy nose
Runny nose
Mucus (phlegm) in the throat (postnasal drip)


Acute sinusitis (acute rhinosinusitis) causes the cavities around nasal passages (sinuses) to become inflamed and swollen. This interferes with drainage of mucus and causes to accumulate mucus. With acute sinusitis, it might be difficult to breathe through nose. The area around eyes and face might feel swollen, and might have throbbing facial pain or a headache. Acute sinusitis may be a flare-up of a long-term problem known as chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis lasts longer than 12 weeks.

Symptoms can include:

Ear pain
Aching in your upper jaw and teeth
Cough that might worsen at night
Sore throat
Bad breath (halitosis)
Fatigue or irritability


Catarrh is inflammation (and usually subsequent discharge from) of mucous membranes, especially in the respiratory tract. Catarrh is a feature of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, and is also a feature of infections, such as viral upper respiratory infections.

Symptoms can include:

A runny nose or mucus that runs down the back of
An irritating cough.
Loss of smell or taste.
Pain in the face.
Fatigue and a crackling sensation in the middle ear.

HR 4 is very good remedy for clearing out symptoms like blocked throat, stuffy or runny nose, feeling of mucus running down the back of throat, headache or facial pain, reduced sense of smell and taste, crackling sensation in ear and some temporary hearing loss, sore throat, clear , watery nasal drainage, sneezing, a tired sensation (known as malaise), low-grade fever and cough. Masood’s HR 4 is best remedy for curing all symptoms associated with Catarrh and sinusitis.


HR 4 contains synergistic formulation of the following herbs (Euphrasia, Hydrastis Can and Zingiber) that complement each other in a very potent way with the following actions: anticatarrhal, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing and a tonic to upper respiratory mucosa. HR 4 contains Solidago virg which reduces the mucus overproduction in the mucous membranes of the sinuses, resolves mucus damp, restores the mucosa and stops discharge. HR 4 contains Pulsatilla which acts as an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and significantly inhibits LPS (lipopolysaccharide)-induced inflammatory responses, also decreases the plasma levels of other inflammatory mediators such as NO3 -/NO2 -, ICAM-1, PGE2, and CINC-1. HR 4 contains Echinacea in which alkyl amides have been shown to be immune enhancing, causing increased phagocytic activity of granulocytes, which is part of the front line of immune defence. Altogether HR 4 exerts potent anti-inflammatory activities in the immune- challenged patients implicating that this medicine is therapeutically useful for the treatment of inflammatory diseases like sepsis, catarrh, sneezing, catarrhal pharyngitis, catarrhal sore throat, tonsillitis, subacute rhinitis, nasopharyngeal catarrh and flu symptoms.


Each 1ml contains;

Echinacea Ang 1D 10% v/v
Euphrasia off 1D 20% v/v
Hydrastis Can 1D 10% v/v
Kali Bich 6D 10% v/v
Merc Sol 6D 10% v/v
Solidago Vir 1D 20%
Zingiber 1D 20% v/v
With excipients q.s.

Formula with properties:

Echinacea Ang 1D: Foul-smelling discharge, Post-nasal catarrh with ulceration.

Euphrasia off 1D: Catarrhal conjunctivitis; discharge of acrid matter. Profuse, fluent coryza.

Hydrastis Can 1D: Hawking of yellow, tenacious mucus.

Kali Bich 6D: Discharge thick, ropy, greenish-yellow. Inflammation extends to frontal sinuses, with distress and fullness at root of nose.

Merc Sol 6D: Pain and swelling of nasal bones, and caries, with greenish fetid ulceration.

Solidago Vir 1D: Nares irritated with abundant mucus secretion; paroxysms of sneezing.

Zingiber 1D: Nose feels obstructed and dry. Intolerable itching; red pimples.

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