HR 12 Masood – (LOWIN)


Maintains Low Blood Pressure.


HR 12 Masood good for body strength and keeps blood pressure at normal range.

Maintains normal cardiac activities.
Used in palpitation and faintness due to low blood pressure.
Effective in weakness and for constriction in the chest.
Also helpful in irregular pulses and strengthened heart muscles.
Presentation: Bottle of 20ml.

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Dosage: 15-20 Drops every 2-3 hours with fresh water under acute conditions. Less frequently when improvement starts, i.e. 3 times a day.

Note: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Side Effects: No side effects are known.

Contraindications: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor during pregnancy and lactation.

Interaction: No interaction with other products are known.

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The medical name for low blood pressure is hypotension. Low blood pressure occurs when blood pressure is much lower than normal. This means the heart, brain, and other parts of the body do not get enough blood. Normal blood pressure is mostly between 90/60 mmHg and 120/80 mmHg. Blood pressure varies from one person to another.

There are several types of hypotension. People who always have low blood pressure have chronic asymptomatic hypotension. They have no signs or symptoms and need no treatment. Their low blood pressure is normal for them.

The three main types of this kind of hypotension are orthostatic hypotension, neurally mediated hypotension (NMH), and severe hypotension linked to shock.

Orthostatic hypotension: This type of low blood pressure occurs when standing up from a sitting or lying down position. It can cause dizziness, light headache, or even faintness. This type of low blood pressure usually lasts for only a few seconds or minutes after stand up. Orthostatic hypotension can occur in all age groups, however it’s more common in older adults, especially those who are frail or in poor health.

Neurally mediated hypotension: With NMH, blood pressure drops after standing for a long time. This type of low blood pressure also can occur if you have an unpleasant, upsetting, or scary experience.

Severe Hypotension Linked to Shock: Is a life-threatening condition in which blood pressure drops so low that the brain, kidneys, and other vital organs can’t get enough blood to work well. Blood pressure drops much lower in shock than in other types of hypotension.


Certain medicines and substances can lead to low blood pressure, including:

Anti-anxiety medicines
Not drinking enough fluids (dehydration)
Hormonal problems
Heat exhaustion
Liver disease

Symptoms of low blood pressure or hypotension may include:

Light headache
Blurred vision
Cold, clammy skin
Pale skin

There are many persons involving in hypotension in modern life. The main causes of hypotension are low vitality of heart function and physical weakness. Masood’s HR 12 surprisingly strengthens the body and controls hypotension.


HR 12 contains Oleander in which Oleandrin a Na-K ATPase inhibitor binds to specific amino acids in the protein, causing it to lose its function. After depolarization of the cell in which Na+ flows into the cell, the Na+ cannot be transported back into the extracellular membrane, causing the sodium gradient to disappear. This gradient is the driving force for the sodium-calcium exchanger, which plays an important role in cardiomyocytes. The vasodilation action of P. Ginseng improves blood circulation. Ginseng has an antihypertensive effect, which appears to be related to higher doses of ginsenosides present in Ginseng. In addition, the blood pressure lowering activity of P. ginseng is due to promotion of vascular endothelial cell-derived nitric oxide (NO) secretion. Furthermore, a mixed aqueous hydro alcoholic extract of Caffeine and Aralia Race has anti-hypertensive effects by inhibition of arterial myogenic responses. HR 12 contains Ginger which reduces blood pressure and prevents blood clots, normalizes blood pressure and improves blood circulation.


Each 1ml contains:

Aralia race 1D 13% v/v,
Caffenium 1D 15% v/v,
Panax ginseng 1D 40% v/v,
Natrum mur 3D 13% v/v,
Oleander 3D 13% v/v.
With excipients q.s.

Formula with properties:

Aralia race: Dry cough coming on after first sleep, about middle of night. Asthma on lying down at night with spasmodic cough; worse after first sleep, Constriction of chest; feels as if a foreign body were in throat. Obstruction worse in spring.

Caffeinum: Increase blood pressure and heart activity. Rapid high tension pulse and strengthen the heart muscles.

Ginseng: Said to be a stimulant to the secretory glands, especially salivary. Acts on the lower part of the spinal cord. Effective in weakness and low blood pressure.

Natrum mur: Tachycardia. Sensation of coldness of heart. Heart and chest feel constricted. Fluttering, palpitating; intermittent pulse. Heart’s pulsations shake body. Effective in the blood causing a condition of anemia and leukocytosis.

Oleander: Oppression as from a weight; asthmatic when lying down. Palpitation, with weakness and empty feeling in chest. Dyspnea. Obtuse stitches in chest.

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