R43 Dr Reckeweg


Dr. Reckeweg R43 Asthma Drops



Bronchial asthma and spastic bronchitis. Constitutional treatment of bronchial asthma.

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When treating asthma it is the constitutional amelioration of the fermenting systems that is of paramount importance and not the treatment of the actual fits by means of products the sole effect of which is to intercept or paralyse histamin. This constitutional amelioration is achieved by R43. The indications are the outcome of the following symptomatology:

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Arsenicum album: Intense restlessness, anxiety.

Belladonna: Anti-asthmatic in case of loud coughing coupled with perspiration.

Bryonia: Irritation in dry cough, difficult expectoration,Exertions to inhale fresh air; stifling.

Hypophysis: Stimulant in hypophysis which is often the case.

Kalium phosphoricum: In exhaustion for strengthening. Nutrive remedy for the nerves.

Natrium chloratum: Convulsic dry cough, irritation of the mucous membranes. Constitutional with hyperthyreotic types.

Natrium sulfuricum: Constitutional remedy in case of hydrogenoid constitution, worse in damp weather (fog).

Veratrum album: Cold sweat and asthmatic fits.

Yerba santa: Asthmatic bronchitis, with cough and expectoration.


– As prolonged cure 2-3 times daily 10-15 drops in some water before meals.

– In periods free of fits the same dose needs only be taken once or twice daily.

– As soon as fits manifest, frequent doses are in order, first every 1/2 hour, then every 1/4 hour or every 5-10 minutes 10-15 drops, preferably in a little warm water to increase the effect.


– Complementary preparations which are welcome adjunctions.

– R14 after strong emotions.

– R3 when the heart feels oppressed.

– R2 pains and palpitations.

– R48 acute and chronic cases. Status Asthmaticus.

– R45 hoarseness and catarrh of the larynx.

R6 when feverish bronchitis is a concomitant.

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