HR 44 Masood (AROCARDIN)


HR 44 is best medicine for regulation of heart beat.


HR 44 Masood (AROCARDIN) is best medicine for regulation of heart beat.

Indicated in chest pain due to angina pectoris.
Effective in heart palpitation and shortness of breath.
Reduces pain from the region of heart, arm and shoulders.
Also improves the weakness of heart muscles.
Presentation: Bottle of 20ml.

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Dosage: 10-15 drops every 2-3 hours with fresh water under acute conditions. Less frequently when improvement starts i.e. 3 times a day.

Note: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Side effects: Not known till date.

Contraindication: Consult your Homeopathic Doctor during pregnancy and lactation.

Interactions: No interaction with other products are known.

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Angina pectoris:

Angina pectoris, or just angina, is temporary chest pain or discomfort caused by decreased blood flow to the heart muscle. Because of the decreased flow of blood, there is not enough oxygen to the heart muscle resulting in chest pain.


Angina, which is also known as angina pectoris, occurs when the flow of blood through the coronary arteries to the heart muscle is insufficient to meet the heart’s oxygen demands, such as during physical activity.

Coronary heart disease is the most common cause of reduced blood flow to the heart in people with angina. Coronary heart disease is the build-up of fatty deposits on the inside of the coronary arteries causing them to become narrow and restricting the amount of blood flowing to the heart muscle.

There are two main types of angina:

Stable angina.
Unstable angina.
Stable angina, the most common type, develops during physical activity and usually lasts a short time (approximately five minutes or less) if the physical activity has ended.

Unstable angina, is less common and usually occurs during periods of rest. Unstable angina usually lasts longer and symptoms may be more severe.


Symptoms of angina include,

Chest pain or discomfort.
Pain or discomfort in the arms, neck, jaw, shoulder or back.
Pain similar to indigestion or heartburn.
Shortness of breath and Tiredness.
Nausea, Sweating, and Dizziness.

The main cause of Angina Pectoris and Palpitation are smoking, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, family history of heart diseases. Masood’s HR 44 improves blood circulation and strengthens heart and arteries. It increases the force of myocardial contraction, improves coronary and peripheral circulation. Masood’s HR 44 improves over all physiological function of cardiovascular system.


HR 44 acts as cardio tonic as it produce positive ionotropic activity, so protects your heart. It also Acts as hypotensive, Regulates blood pressure and keeps hypertensive patients calm. It produces anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting prostaglandins showing significant analgesic effect. HR 44 is Useful in treating the symptoms angina, blocked arteries and arrhythmias. HR 44 contains T. Arjuna which produces dose-dependent hypotension and decrease in heart rate and was attributed to principles of the extract acting centrally. Compounds in it acts peripherally through adrenergic ß2-receptor agonist mechanism and/or by direct action on the cardiac muscle.

HR 44 has beneficial effects in congestive heart failure. HR 44 contains Hawthorn which increases cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate) in the Myocardium (heart muscle) due to its effects on inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase, which breaks down cyclic AMP (cAMP). The oral administration of Hawthorn extracts results in higher myocardial concentrations of cAMP in patients suffering from various cardiomyopathies (heart conditions).

HR 44 also Inhibits Angiotensin – Converting Enzyme (acting as an ACE inhibitor) – by inhibiting the angiotensin-converting enzyme, it reduces the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, which is a potent constrictor of blood vessels and stimulates adrenal production of aldosterone. So HR 44 as ACE inhibitor, has been shown to exert a blood pressure lowering effect.


Each 1ml contains:

Arjuna 1D 20% v/v
Aurum Mur 8D 5% v/v
Cactus Grand 4D 5% v/v
Crataegus oxy 1D 20% v/v
Glonine 1D 10% v/v
Ignatia am 6D 10% v/v
Kali phos 8D 5% v/v
Spigelia anth 3D 5% v/v
Valeriana off 1D 20 v/v
With excipients q.s.

Formula with properties:

Arjuna 1D: effective for heart patients. Helps to normalizes heart beat & controls cholesterol level.

Aurum Mur 8D: High blood pressure due to disturbed function of nervous mechanism. Arterio-sclerosis Syphilitic ataxia.

Cactus Grand 4D: Suffocative constriction at throat, with full, throbbing carotids in heartache. Acts on circular muscular fibers. It is the heart and arteries especially that at once respond to the influence of Cactus.

Crataegus oxy 1D: Acts on muscle of heart, and is a heart tonic. Insomnia of aortic sufferers; anemia; edema; cutaneous chilliness. High arterial tension.

Glonine 1D: Tendency to sudden and violent irregularities of the circulation. Laborious action. Fluttering. Palpitation with dyspnea.

Ignatia Am 6D: Congestive headaches following anger or grief.

Kali phos 8D: One of the greatest nerve remedies. Marked disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system. Conditions arising from want of nerve power, mental and physical depression, are wonderfully improved this remedy. Gives relief in gangrenous conditions.

Spigelia anth 3D: Spigelia is an important remedy in pericarditis and other diseases of the heart. Violent palpitation. Pulse weak and irregular. Neuralgia. Rheumatic carditis.

Valeriana off 1D: Hysteria, over-sensitiveness. Choking on falling asleep. Spasmodic asthma.

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